Rotary District 5630 Youth Exchange

Outbound Student Application for 2022-23

Congratulations on your ambition to become a Rotary Youth Exchange student! As you begin this process, be sure that you follow all instructions carefully and completely. For help with any problems or questions, check the bottom of each page for contact links.

So ... what now?

If you returning here after you have already started your application, please click the "Log Me In" button below.

If this is your first time here, you will need to create an account so that your application information can be stored and retrieved for you as you work through the steps. Click the "Set Me Up" button below.

Important Notes:       (You may wish to print or copy this page for future reference.)

  • Please use your personal E-mail address.  (Shared E-mail such as a family E-mail address should be avoided.)
  • After you have created your own password please complete the FIRST PAGE of this application. When you see Page 2 please skip to the bottom and select "click here to leave this form and continue another time"
  • Wait for e-mail with further instructions.
    • You will receive an e-mail listing separate application tasks to be completed.
    • You will receive a form with PRELIMINARY APPLICATION QUESTIONS attached to the e-mail
      • Follow instruction for filling and returning this form by e-mail.
    • There will be opportunities for questions to be answered by a Rotary Youth Exchange counselor
  • After reviewing the e-mailed instructions you may return to this website and resume by completing the following:
    • Filling family information (page 2)
    • Providing Rotary club name, School Name and a short essay (page 3)
    • Uploading your photo (page 4)
    • Ranking your top ten country preferences (page 5)
  • When this on-line information is submitted, you will receive acknowledgement and additional instructions.

Further questions may be e-mailed to:

If you need assistance, send an e-mail to