District 5020 Rotary Youth Exchange

Outbound Student Application for 2025-26

STOP!!!!!  and read this first.......

Applications for the
2024-25 acedemic year are CLOSED!

This application will be for
the 2025-26 acedemic year.

Do not use your school e-mail address
to register for this application. 

Use a mail provider such as gmail, hotmail, outlook, etc.

This application process is for students who live on

Vancouver Island in Canada or

on the Western Washington State/
Olympic Penninsula in the USA 

If you do not live in one of these areas

Districts close by are Seattle (5030), Vancouver BC (5040), Fraser Valley/Chilliwack/Bellingham/Everett (5050) and they all have their own individual websites and application processes.

Click this link to find a Rotary Club in your area  

Congratulations on your ambition to become a Rotary Youth Exchange student!  As you begin this process, be sure that you follow all the instructions carefully and completely. Should you run into any problems or have any questions, check the bottom of each page for contact links.

So ... what now?

If you have already started your application, please click the "Log Me In" button below.

If this is your first time here, you will need to create an account so that your application information can be stored and retrieved for you as you work through the steps. Click the "Set Me Up" button below.
If you do not live in Rotary District 5020 you must apply with a Rotary club in your home country or district. District 5020 encompasses Vancouver Island in Canada and part of Northwestern Washington.

Important Notes:
  • This application process will require you to complete several pages of information, and upload a number of photos.
  • This registration process will provide us with the necessary information to contact you and your parents, and assist us in helping you prepare a great application for the Rotary Youth Exchange Scholarship.
  • Once the basic application is complete, you'll submit your application.
  • After the application is submitted, you'll receive an email regarding additional forms that are part of the application package. Those additional documents will include medical and dental report forms, program fee information, and more. Be sure to read them thoroughly and take all appropriate action as required.
  • Only the first two documents on that list of forms (the OB Medical Questionnaire & Host Familly Refferal Form) are required for your Club level interview. If you are selected by your Club to continue through the process, all of the other forms should be completed expeditiously.
  • If your application is not submitted and is inactive for 30 days, it will be deleted from our files. So make sure you complete it in a timely manner.

If you need assistance, send an e-mail to rye5020.jasonbradley@shaw.ca